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About Nori Group

Nori Group paper cups are high-quality paper cups that are offered in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Our manufacturing processes are designated to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Our paper cups making machines are the latest version of these types of machines, which have a high production quality and high capacity of our products. The machines were produced in 2022. Also, we are certified with H.A.C.C.P standards to produce the product as safely as possible.

Manufacturing is done in Kosovo but our cups are used and loved worldwide. We use high quality paper which has an FSC certificate, which we have used to produce high quality paper cups with the capacity to produce over 3 million cups paper per week, and that is the reason why we can sell our product at an affordable price to our customers.

We can also print paper cup designs as per our customers choice in 1 to 5 colors which can be ordered by you. The quality of our paper cups is very high because our staff are qualified in these machines, and we check the paper cups after production every hour for quality testing so that the product served to the customer is of higher quality and safer.

You can also view our photos on the gallery page so you can see our work, because we want to be more transparent with our customers about the things we produce.

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Quality guaranteed

Nori Group produce disposable cups of different sizes and different designs according to your request.

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Made From Paper

Nori Group products are made entirely of quality paper that does not allow your coffee or juice to leak.

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Made in Kosova

Nori Group do paper cups manufacturer in Kosovo, but our paper cups are used all over the world.

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Fully Recyclable

Nori Group products are completely recyclable.